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TRAN-NHUT Kim et Thanh-Van


Les travers du docteur Porc : une enquête du mandarin Tân (Picquier, 2007)

Kim et Thanh-Van TRAN-NHUT
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Thanh-Van Tran-Nhut was born in Huế, Vietnam in 1962. The Tran-Nhut family – both parents are professors of mathematics and sciences - welcomed another daughter, Kim, the following year. In 1968, the family m !oved to the USA and settled in Michigan, at the haert aof the Great Lakes area. They moved to France in 1971 to start a new life in another language. After high school, the sisters took different roads. Kim studied science in France and Thanh-Van returned to the US for computer studies.
In 1999, Kim and Thanh-Van started writing a series of crime stories together based on Kim’s idea, about a 17th century Vietnamese Mandarin. Their main character is based on their maternal great-grandfather – a mythical figure in the family legend – who became a mandarin at a very young age. They gave their hero, young magistrate Tân, their ancestor’s intelligence and wisdom, and gave him virile features and a warrior’s physique. In 2002, Thanh-Van embarked on a century-old dream, a round-the-world trip. Upon her return, she wrote the fourth book in the series alone this time, while her sister started writing crime stories for teenagers. The result was Imbroglius published in September 2005.

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  • Les travers du docteur Porc : une enquête du mandarin Tân (Picquier, 2007)

A brief summary of Les travers du docteur Porc : une enquête du mandarin Tân :

Not really thinking about the consequences of his decision, Mandarin Tân has gone on a trip to the south of the country with savant Mr. Dinh leaving elephantine doctor Porc in charge of the city. An authoritarian and expeditious man, doctor Porc’s eccentricity will soon come to light when a macabre discovery will force him to stick his nose into an very old affair. A real busybody, he goes from an autopsy to plastic surgery operations without forgetting to enjoy a delicious meal of gelatinous hocks. He uses his own brand of very particular flair to manage this investigation never sacrificing art for eats, in a city where old pigs rub shoulders with pretty young things. A true artist with a scalpel, and a real acupuncture genius, doctor Porc is also brilliant at questioning suspects ; he knows just how to grill them with very, very special herbs so that they will spill the beans.

Le banquet de la licorne

Philippe Picquier - 2009

Au cours d’une nuit pluvieuse, à la demande du mandarin Tân, l’intendant Hoang organise un banquet, dressant une somptueuse table où défilent canards et tourteaux, tendres gorets et grasses volailles. Festoyant à la lumière des lanternes ventrues, un maître des géôles, un percepteur des impôts, une poétesse, un couple d’apothicaires et un tailleur racontent une énigme non résolue de leur passé, tandis que le lettré Dinh et le docteur Porc livrent chacun un épisode mystérieux de leur jeunesse. Servis dans de la vaisselle en céladon, meurtres, vols et arnaques sont décortiqués à l’aide de baguettes laquées, faisant le délice des convives. C’est l’heure lumineuse des conteurs, qui donnent voix aux amours défuntes et visage aux héros d’antan alors que, dehors, s’amassent les ténèbres d’un monde au bord du chaos. Ce roman est le septième de la série des enquêtes du mandarin Tân, situées dans le Viêt-Nam du XVIIe siècle

L’esprit de la renarde

Philippe Picquier - 2005

Crimes dans l’Orient-Express

Les cafés littéraires
Avec : Kim TRAN-NHUT, Peter MAY, Thanh-Van TRAN-NHUT, Xiaolong QIU - Saint-Malo 2006

Le goût du Diable

Saint-Malo 2009
Samedi : 17h45 - Le goût du Diable
avec Thanh-Van Tran Nhut, Pascal Garnier, Michel Gardère et Michèle Barrière