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A new Africa at the forefront of the world’s stage

The African Cypher © Fly on the wall A NEW AFRICA AT THE FOREFRONT OF THE WORLD’S STAGE An old world is dying and with it so are most of our bearings, while a new world is born in chaos and (...)

Edito : Alain Mabanckou

Africa is at the heart of many events that are unfortunately all too often held outside of that continent. Thus, its thriving youth is deprived of exchanges, and left unable to voice its views of (...)

An overview of the encounters

Tuesday 14th February Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences humaines 09:30-10:30 African Anglophone literature Encounter with great figures of the African Anglophone literature to discuss its (...)

A major step forward : the “World Writers’ Conference”

Thanks to its network, the Word Alliance was able to make a tangible initial step forward through the launch, in 2012, of the “World Writers’ Conference”. This event started in Edinburgh, during the (...)

“AFRICA RISING” : an anthology to discover a new Africa

When Etonnants Voyageurs launched its African branch in Bamako in 2001, the festival became a springboard for an entire generation of African writers. Etonnants Voyageurs’ 2002 anthology “Nouvelles (...)

Cinema and documentary festival

Africa is moving at a furious pace. The new wave of African cinema is a perfect illustration of this trend : it is urban, rhythmic, tense – sometimes even explosive. It offers crude and realistic (...)