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Tim Jarvis is a modern-day adventurer. Though he has become, what with his experience and knowledge of the preservation of the environment, a well-known public speaker, he is more famous for his numerous explorations of the world. He has, among other adventures, biked across the Sierra Madre in Central America, traversed the Spitsbergen icesheet, and made the first unsupported crossing of (...)

PELOT Pierre

Les promeneuses sur le bord du chemin (Phébus, 2009)


Syngué Sabour - Pierre de patience (P.O.L., 2008) Prix Goncourt 2008


Camarades de classe (Gallimard, 2008)


Jo Corbeau is not his real name. He was born Geordes Ohanessian in 1946 in Marseilles of Armenian refugees parents. He began his career as a musician in the 1970’s with his rock band Albert et sa fanfare ; then he contributed to the creation of the Elvis Platiné band in 1978. He developed a real and sincere passion for Reggae music at a Bob Marley concert. At the beginning of the 1980’s, Jo (...)

CONDÉ Maryse

Les belles ténébreuses (Mercure de France, 2008)


Graminées : un cahier perdu puis retrouvé (Le Temps qu’il fait, 2007)


Anne Coldefy Faucard is agrégée de russe, meaning she holds a specialised diploma in the Russian language and has translated several novels into French, such as Le pays d’outre passé by Boris Pilniak. She teaches at the Sorbonne and also works for éditions Paulsen, a publishing house specialised in polar literature. She works with Emmanuel Durand, Christian de Marliave and Anne Victoire (...)


La Trempe (Actes Sud, 2007)


L’Île des amours éternelles (Buchet-Chastel, 2008)


L’autre rive (Grasset, 2007)

CHABAUD Catherine

Femme libre, toujours tu chériras la mer (Chasse-marée, 2007)


Les Guides du Chasse-marée (Chasse-marée, 2007)


Dis papa, tu m’aimes ? (Nathan, 2008), Dis maman, pourquoi j’existe ? (Nathan, 2008)


Michel Braudeau was born on May 12,1946 in Niort and was brought up in Nantes before attending boarding schools in Paris and Normandy. Under the influence of his grandfather he discovered very early on Proust, Montaigne, Stendhal, Gide and Rimbaud. These writers introduced him to the joy of reading in bed at an age when children tend to be more interested in real life.. Michel Braudeau was (...)


Marc Boutavant was born in 1970. He is a graphics artist and a comics author and illustrator. He writes children’s books. He contributed the series Ariol et ses amis for the magazine J’aime lire ; and his first books in cooperation with François Michel - a collection entitled A petit pas - were published by Actes Sud junior. He is regarded as one of the best illustrators of his generation. He (...)

BOUDAN Christian

Christian Boudan was born in 1947 in Paris. His parents had a restaurant, and while studying he spent his childhood learning how to cook with the different chefs who worked for them. After he got his mathematics certificate, he studied economics and clinical psychology until he got his DEA (an advanced university diploma) ; nevertheless he took "a few breaks to satisfy his taste for long (...)

BON François

At first glance, nothing in François Bon’s background, born in 1953 in Luçon, of a garage mechanic father and a primary school teacher mother, would have lead anyone to believe he would eventually choose writing as a career. Although he acquired a passion for books very early on, he chose to study engineering, more particularly mechanics at the prestigious school of Arts et Métiers. He (...)


Patrice Blanc-Francard is a journalist, an expert on jazz, an iconic figure of the seventies on France Inter radio and creator of the famous Enfants du Rock show. He has always worked in television and radio. He was programme director at Europe 1, then worked for Disney Channel before becoming the head of Disney France. In 2004, he put an end to his career to return to his first love, (...)


Monica Alvarado was born in 1967 in Ushuaia, Argentina. She studied fine arts in Argentina and then became a professor in her subject, which allows her to share her passion with her students. She draws her inspiration from the landscapes, the wind and the geography of her native Tierra Del Fuego, but also from the memories of her ancestors. Her works, most often exhibited in South America, (...)


Le Témoin des Salomon (Au Vent des Iles, Papeete, 2007)

DIONNET Jean-Pierre

Jean-Pierre Dionnet was born on November 27, 1947 in Paris, and has held several different jobs. He is a writer of books and comics. He became famous with the well known Les enfants du rock, which he co-hosted with Philippe Manœuvre in the 80’s. But above all, he became famous with his comics. He started working as a clerk in a comics book store then started writing comics in the 60’s (...)

DARRAS Jacques

Jacques Darras who writes poems, essays and does translations, lives in Paris and Brussels. He was born in 1939 in the Manche area and has been teaching English and American literature in university in Picardie since 1969 and has also been writing and translating poetry. He created the journal « in ’hui » in Amiens in 1978 which was published by the Maison de la Culture d’Amiens, then by Le Cri (...)

CREAC’H Pierre

Le silence de l’Opéra (Editions Sarbacane, 2007)

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