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Oscar Brenifier holds a PhD in philosophy ; he graduated from the university of Paris IV-Sorbonne and is former philosophy teacher in the final year of high school. He teaches adults but above all, he regularly organizes some philosophy activities for children, and he has written several books for them, namely Moi, c’est quoi ?, Le bien et le mal, c’est quoi ?, Les sentiments, c’est quoi ?

He was awarded the Prix de la presse des jeunes and the Prix France Télévision 2008 for his book Le dictionnaire des contraires philosophiques. He is the author of several works on philosophy, and also wrote many press articles on the same subject.

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Oscar Brenifier’s official website

Bibliography (selective)

  • Dis papa, tu m’aimes ? (Nathan, 2008)
  • Dis maman, pourquoi j’existe ? (Nathan, 2008)
  • Le bonheur selon Ninon (Autrement, 2008)
  • La pratique de la philosophie à l’école primaire (Editions SEDRAP, 2007)
  • Question de philo entre ados (Seuil jeunesse, 2007)
  • Le beau et l’art c’est quoi ?(Nathan, 2006)
  • Vivre ensemble, c’est quoi ? (Nathan, 2005)
  • La liberté c’est quoi ?(Nathan, 2005)
  • Savoir, c’est quoi ?(Nathan, 2004)
  • Le bien et le mal, c’est quoi ?(Nathan, 2004)
  • La vie, c’est quoi ?(Nathan, 2004)
  • Enseigner par le débat (CRDP de Bretagne, 2002)
  • Apprenti Philospohe : L’Art et le Beau (Nathan, 2001)
  • Contes philosophiques (Alcofribas Nasier, 2000)

Synopsis of Dis papa, tu m’aimes ? and for Dis maman, pourquoi j’existe ?

Those are the first philosophy books for kindergartners. Phil, the little hero, wonders about many things. He asks his parents those questions, accompanied by Zof, his security blanket-cum-advisor, but they have no time to answer them. So Phil will ask his questions to different animals or objects of a same universe, and they will sometimes give him false or incomplete answers. His quest, commented by Zof, makes the reader think and react to the answers given. At the end of his quest, Phil rejoins his parents and hears their answers.

Those are books that make the reader ask philosophical questions, but they are at the same time lovely stories to read together with the children. They will help the children grow up.

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